Monday, January 07, 2008

By A K Prabhakar

The below given views is of my own (A.K.Prabhakar of ANANDRATHI) it doesn’t reflect companies view. U.S markets has had its impact on global markets from 1980’s so based on that the below given text is prepared.

Global market Special view: Dow has broken 13000 levels and 75week moving average which comes around 12700 is the support in many ways (Low in previous rally) and as per Dow Theory U.S market is entering bear phase. And talk of recession hitting U.S is getting bigger and Fed cutting interest rate also won’t help as inflationary pressure has to be also addressed with Crude around $98.

How will India be affected by this development?

Already Indian exports are affected by rising Rupee and any slowdown in U.S will impact our Tech & Textile sector which is highest employer in India. New generation employees have created credit beyond 4-5yrs and if no salary hike is given, it will affect them very badly. (Salary cut or unemployment would be disaster)

What impact will this have in our stocks market?

In 2007 India got 71000crs from foreign funds and if Global markets reacts then all emerging markets funds would go into safer investment like debt and gold. And with Reliance Power issue which can suck minimum of 12000 crs in liquidity, if fresh flows are hard to come we can see intermediate correction.

Do we see any slowdown in investment from FIIs?

As per data available in NSE & BSE website funds which has come into secondary markets is negative from November till date and there is no signs yet that new funds from western world would come in. Major correction in U.S market would make global investor withdraw money from emerging markets.

Is Indian markets attractive in short term?

Indian growth story is very strong but any recession globally will affect us also as high crude is benefiting Indian growth in big way as Indian employment, exports and investment come from gulf region in major way (Engineering, construction & raw material). And our stocks markets have fully priced in future growth, but still many attractive pockets remain liquidity is always very important.

What will be long term impact?

World Recession can bring slowdown in India at the maximum, but Indian growth story is a long term one which is here to stay. As India is putting infrastructure in place things would move in India favor any correction would be chance to buy for long term investor while short term is always very difficult to predict, 38000 to 45000 would be Sensex level in 4-5yrs from now.

What can derail India’s growth?

Politics and bureaucracy should speed up reform process. India is the powerful trends of demography and urbanisation: half the population is under 25 years old and 70% still live in the countryside. India needs to strengthen its infrastructure (hard and soft), reduce its stifling bureaucracy, deregulate its labour market and further develop its financial system. If it does, these two trends can help lift the economy’s potential growth rate to 10%. But without reforms, these trends can become a major liability, possibly reducing potential growth to 5-6%.

The oil price

Oil is now almost five times more expensive than it was at the beginning of 2002.

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